africa solar fund


Africa Solar Fund is a philanthropic organization formed to award and administer grants to nonprofit organizations engaged in charitable, public benefit work to relieve poverty in Sub-Saharan, East African Nations, including Burundi, Kenya, Malawi, Madagascar, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Africa Solar Fund's primary objective is to aid these African regions in developing sustainable, solar and renewable energy technologies that improve the quality of life and economic opportunities for Africa's rural populations having no access to electricity.

There is a great need for sources of renewable energy in rural areas throughout sub-Saharan Africa where there are few electric lines and over 70% of the population is not served by an electricity grid. Some rely on costly and environmentally problematic generators and inefficient appliances. Most use highly polluting and dangerous kerosene lanterns for light, spending a significant portion of their limited resources on fuel. Currently there is little use of renewable energy technologies in these rural areas because the initial cost is high and it is very difficult and expensive to reach this population. Income levels are low and few people have the financial resources to purchase the equipment. Studies have shown that use of renewable energy sources for light can increase economic activity through extending the working day, increasing productivity, supporting educational and health care efforts, and improving environmental conditions.

By aiding organizations serving rural areas throughout sub-Saharan Africa with the development of clean, sustainable, renewable energy sources and energy-efficient technologies, Africa Solar Fund will advance its mission of relieving poverty and supporting economic development in this region.