africa solar fund


Africa Solar Fund awards and administers grants to support East African nonprofit organizations working with villagers, healthcare clinics, hospitals, schools and other public and private institutions. We will support projects to provide renewable energy sources to these rural regions. Africa Solar Fund will provide funds to nonprofit organizations for the following types of activities:

  • Supply of modern, energy efficient solar and renewable energy equipment;
  • Implementation of micro-financing programs to enable the acquisition, use and maintenance of sustainable technologies and energy efficient equipment;
  • Development of educational and training programs to support and promote the use of sustainable technologies; and
  • Preparation of scientific reports and other studies documenting the need for and effectiveness of these sustainable technology programs.

Africa Solar Fund has a pre-grant screening and post-grant reporting process to ensure that organizations receiving funding are committed to using the funds to improve the quality of life and economic position for the population of the regions identified as having the greatest need for sustainable technologies.

If your organization fits in with our geographic region, and is a verified nonprofit, please send us a Letter of Interest describing the project you would like to fund. If it fits within our guidelines we will request a proposal from you. Please give an idea of the funding required, and keep initial project funding requests to $50,000 or less.